Lloyds City Dinner testimonial


Before the dust settles on what was a spectacular City Dinner, I wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all your teams for your dedication, support, hard work, and good humour. Both John and Inga were particularly pleased with the dinner – and the Chairman remarked that it was one of the best City Dinners; as his last, that’s the ultimate compliment to you and all your hard work. Everyone played such an important role in delivering one of our highest profile events – especially all those people behind the scenes that we don’t always get to see, but I wanted to especially thank:

Kay – who always manages to juggle so many things with such grace and ease, she makes something so complicated look so easy. I couldn’t, and probably wouldn’t, do this event without your support and talent.

Terry, Greg, Jamie, Kevin, Bartek, Jo, our magnificent chefs, our waiting staff, our Lloyd’s Waiters, our engineers and the security team on the night and in the run-up (especially on Sunday) thank you for all of your support and professionalism.

It really does take a small village – and what a village we have at Lloyd’s.

Thank you all again.