Meet Carl Williams

This month we interviewed Carl Williams, Business Development Chef at Elior UK, to see what inspires him.

  • How long have you worked for Elior?

          I joined Elior in 2013 from Lexington and previously I had worked for Avenance so you could say I have completed the

          full circle

  • What was your first job?

           My first job was an apprentice chef at the Connaught Hotel London which at the time held a Michelin star in 2

           restaurants. It was really tough 5 years working long hours and a lot of sacrifices along the way but most of

           all it taught me that good cooking was the accumulation of small detail done to perfection.

  • What is your favourite recipe/dish?

           My favourite is Welsh rarebit, for us chefs its great comfort food after a long shift and it brings so many memories

           in my career working in Gentleman’s clubs.

           Also if you want to eat the best Rarebit ever I recommend St Johns in Farringdon, London

  • Who has inspired you?

          My cousin was my biggest inspiration as he started an apprenticeship also at The Connaught 10 years before me so I

          kind of followed in his footsteps. Chef wise I have always & still do get inspiration from Marco Pierre White, classical

          clean simple cooking being served the way Mother Nature intended and letting the natural flavours do the talking5 A

          piece of advice to apprentice chefs today?

          Looking back to when I was an apprentice some 28 years things have changed dramatically and there isn’t the skill set

          coming through the industry as there used to be. I would be encouraging young chefs to work hard and challenge

          themselves every day, asking lots of questions, getting lots of stages in top restaurants and learning from the best, every

          day is a school day and that is still the case to this day.

  • What’s your favourite event you have worked on for Elior?

          A few years ago Elior were in charge of producing the dessert the FSM awards, such an amazing awards night for our

          industry held at the Lancaster Hotel. The dish was quite technical with a chocolate sphere and timings was crucial, it’s

          was a great night showing amazing teamwork and Elior won the best course on the night and also best caterer!!!!

  • What do you think makes an ideal banquet menu?

For me simplicity shows confident cooking a menu that has seasonal produce running through the courses, maybe only 3

or 4 ingredients on the plate and lets the focus be on the flavours

  • What is the most unusual menu you have been challenged to create?

The most unusual but also the most lavish was when I was at the Connaught Hotel ,we were celebrating the Chef De Cuisine Michel Bourdin’s career,  we developed a menu where truffle was used all through the tasting menu the finale was  a crème brulee which was called crème brulee

‘Diamond Noir’ black diamond which was amazing!!!!!

You can follow Carl on Twitter @carlw19