Married in a museum

When planning the biggest day of your life, the place in which to say ‘I Do’ can be one of the most difficult decisions. Do you pick the place where you or your partner grew up? Or try to agree on somewhere that is meaningful to both of you? For outside of the box thinking, a museum can offer a unique and magical environment in which to enter the next steps of life together.


Despite the Museums Association estimating there are 2,500 museums across the length and breadth of the UK, only a handful offer the opportunity to wed in their hallowed halls.

From a classical marbled Grand Hall at the National Museum Cardiff, to the Grade I listed splendour and style of St Fagans National History Museum, a wedding in a museum can be far from the image first conjured in most peoples minds.

Formal gardens, historic buildings and delicate decorations all enhance the reigning glories of these temples of knowledge, inspiring the couple making their vows towards the grandeur of the commitment they choose to enter as a pair.

Building on love

These almost other-worldly buildings contain layers upon layers of character and personality, that oozes softly from the advancements over the years. Just as a marriage develops from the foundations and grows over time, museums carry with them a legacy of shared learning and enrichment; an apt environment for the engagement of marriage.

The mixing of ancient and modern within the venue spaces can provide an appropriate backdrop to the joining of two hearts, two hands, two families as the blending of details becomes merged with another.

Interest and intrigue

Beyond the stunning physical embodiments of museums, the opportunities to inspire wedding guests through welcomed exploration of exhibitions and showcases during the reception can create memories that truly embed themselves in the minds of guests.

For out-of-town visitors, an opportunity to experience some of the culture and heritage of the chosen location can be a bonus to their attendance of the couple’s special day. The National Waterfront Museum with its rich treasure trove of Welsh industry and innovation encompasses the spirit of Swansea’s maritime history; a pleasure for guests reflecting on the passage of time and advancement in to the future.

Museum wedding venues have much more to them than meets the eye. A little delving in to their inspiring roots can provide a place in which to grow a future for marrying couples.


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