So, you’ve decided to plan the perfect party. It’s a challenge regardless of whether it’s a wedding, a good old fashioned get-together or anything in between. So where do you start? Whatever the party, there are a few things any party organiser should never forget. Check out our nifty guide on how to plan the perfect party, every single time.

Planning the party

Get a party planner or phone three important people.


For the venue, make sure you take a look at the place beforehand. Most venues are happy to give you a tour, and even provide tips depending on what you’re planning, they’re experts on their venue so use their knowledge and experience! Visualise where the tables are going to go, whether there’s enough room for everyone to manoeuvre, and where people will go depending on the weather, or the tone of the party.


No party is complete, and no invitee happy without a delicious meal being present. Ask to meet with the chef depending on the party, and have a talk with him/her beforehand. If you have special requirements for food (like allergies or halal) let him/her know at this stage. This is also your chance of asking the chef whether the food is local and sustainable. Ask about a menu tasting beforehand so you can sample the dishes…


The heart and soul of any party. Depending on the party you’re hosting, it’s the little things like how you invite your attendees that matter most.

  1. If it’s a wedding, business party or a product or book launch, go all out with intricate envelopes with personalised invitations.

  2. More casual? Invite them in person or by phone for that touch of friendliness.

  3. Of course, if you’re inviting many people, it may be easier to opt for the easier route; the email!

Hosting the party

Now that you’ve got all the planning out of the way, you can attend your own party with a glass of wine in hand. But it isn’t always pure relaxation! There are four parts to every party, and as the host, it’s your job to make each part as enjoyable as the last. So apart from keeping your guests happy with chatter, drinks and handshakes, make sure you take into account the following tips at each stage of the party:

  1. Beginning

    Where possible greet everyone on arrival. Remember they may have travelled some distance so make sure they are relaxed and refreshed. For more formal parties and weddings you might want to consider a receiving line.

    Depending on the party, relax your standards on seating plans, whether you direct them to the tables or specific seats, try to make this information readily available so people aren’t stressing about where they need to be once they arrive.

    Make sure there’s enough space to stand and mingle! Allow people time to catch up or network with old friends and colleagues.

  2. Mid-Way

    It’s at this time the food is coming out, and the drinks begin to flow. Now’s the time to mingle, meet friends, make connections. The main point here is to not remain static for too long, it’s your job as the host to make sure the guests are consistently content

    It’s all about the flow at this stage. A continual flow of food will stop guests from getting fidgety, and a continual flow of conversation will keep them engaged. Make sure there’s very little downtime, and avoid gaps of “nothingness”

    Again, make sure there’s enough room for people to flow if they need the restroom, or they go to check on other friends, tight spaces are a no-go!

  3. During Dusk

    After the food is gone and the evening rolls around, now’s your time to let loose! Mingle until your heart’s content and allow people to roam outside if the weather is nice, or around the venue (hopefully you’ve set up a nice seating area for people to relax!) if the weather isn’t on your side.

    Consider your evening entertainment based on your guests – will they enjoy a disco or live band or maybe an entertainer such as a table magician would be best to keep them engaged.

  4. Ending the Night

    Similar to the beginning, everything has begun to wind down, so thank your guests for coming, and don’t keep them if they’re hinting they’re tired! Likewise to the start, don’t be too enthusiastic, now’s the time to relax after a successful evening

After the party

It’s not over yet! Stay in contact with the venue and the caterers, make connections and be friends! You may need them again.

Review the venue and the experience. Similarly to when you were planning your party, you want to know what other people think of the area before you host it, so it’s the least you can do.