Away Day Venue Success

Away day meetings. Not just a jolly time away from the office, these business-critical meetings can influence the strategy and activity of the year to come, as well as how a team communicates and acts as a unit.

When planning these important events, there are some tips buyers and planners should stick to. Read on for our advice on achieving away day meeting success for your company’s next booking:

Size and layout

This may seem obvious but getting the environment right can be a big hurdle in achieving the required goals from an away day meeting. Firstly, get to the bottom of how many people will be invited, estimate that it is possible you will have up to 10% as last-minute additions (there’s always one…) and then look at the set up of the meeting.

A more formal occasion with objectives being set and distributed may seek a traditional round table or corporate style set up. Whereas brainstorming, creative driving activities, or team building exercises can benefit from more collaborative and flexible furniture designs.

Understanding the purpose and intended outcomes for an away day can help to ensure the space is made most appropriate to the attendees.


Again, an often-overlooked element of the day can be the food and drink to keep those busy minds ticking at their best.

Avoid the high carb, fast-food options. These are a sure-fire way to have delegates dosing in their seats by the afternoon. Similarly, sugary snacks should be left until the later parts of the day as short term pick me ups if necessary.

Focus on longer-term calorie burning nibbles such as nuts, fruit, and grains. A refreshment station with a selection of treats, juices, and options for personalising water with different infusions allows guests to help themselves when they feel the need, without acting as distractions or undue temptations.


With teams increasingly based around the country, an uptake on remote working opportunities, and regional advisors carrying more responsibility, even holding the away day meeting in a place that is convenient for everyone can be a struggle.

To sidestep these issues, focusing on a set location where the venue provides on-site accommodation can mean more time dedicated to the issues at hand, and less clock-watching from those conscious of trains and planes to catch.

Look for somewhere that will allow your group to all stay in the same accommodation location and style – you don’t want to hear the comparisons at breakfast of who got the larger room! A post-meeting dinner arrangement can also work wonders for bonding delegates together after a hard day of strategising, giving them a renewed focus for the following day.

Most venues will offer benefits to organisers for booking both meeting rooms and accommodation so do look in to your options when considering your next meeting.

Outdoor space

Lastly, the outdoor potential for your next meeting can play a large part in the decision-making process. Attendees will need to take breaks and having somewhere natural to escape to during tough sessions can be a welcome way to relax and revive. Equally, team building activities and out-of-the-box sessions held in outdoor expanses can be great for stirring up creativity!


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