5 Reasons why you should use a venue finding tool

Event planning can be difficult enough to balance the competing needs and requirements of the stakeholders involved. One client is looking for an impressively grand banqueting occasion, one might be seeking a flexible space to hold a team away day with activities, and another still could be planning their dream wedding complete with fairy-tale romance.

With multiple projects all moving at the same time, any time saving tips and tricks become the life savers of our event professionals, battling against the torrents of timelines and budgets.

Here are five reasons why a venue finding tool could be the answer to your event planning woes:

  1. Choices, choices, choices

Often clients will give detailed briefs of exactly what they are looking for in terms of capacity, atmosphere, and activities during their booking. Other times, it is a vaguer and fluid approach where requirements are changing as the project develops. In either case, presenting a range of suitable options gives the planner a solid backing to better identify the client’s true needs.

A venue finder specialises in presenting a range of options from high end, to budget friendly, concert style vastness, or intimate cosiness. Having a wealth of choices at your fingertips means regardless of project changes, or an unclear brief, event planners can rest easy knowing there is always another option just waiting to be uncovered.

  1. Target, filter, streamline

With great choice, comes great decision making.

Remove the inertia of unlimited choice through the intuitive filtering systems available on venue finding tools. A few clicks of a mouse and the dozens of venues is suddenly recalibrated to only those fitting the exact specifications given by your client. By pass the adverts, opportunistic keyword enhancers and irrelevant additions of search engines by heading directly to the venue superstore and make use of the fast track route to find and book your event.

  1. Time saving

Trawling the internet for suitable suggestions is a laborious task. You can spend hours trying to find and research the perfect venues only to discover that they don’t fit the capacity totals or are too far from the preferred transport methods. Generic searches are also just slow.

Whizz through your ongoing event projects with ease by opting for a one stop shop venue finder that professionally presents the best options based on your criteria in seconds.

That leaves those precious extra minutes for a coffee break to keep you going through the next task!

  1. Cost

Did we mention venue finders are free to use? Hello budget saving tip! This may be our favourite…

  1. Stress be gone

Anything that takes away a little bit of stress and simplifies the job of an event planner is alright in our books. Reducing the search, making comparisons simple, and giving a wide range of options to consider is all part of the stress-free life we’re looking for.

If these aren’t enough reasons to convince you to give venue finding tools a try, we just don’t know what will!

Take a turn on the finder now to see what you’ve been missing out on.