What will your wedding catering taste like in 2019?

This year has been choc-full of nuptials, including not one but two royal weddings. Newly-engaged couples with their finger on the pulse will already be exploring opportunities to add extravagant and on-trend details to their 2019 weddings so make sure you get ahead of the curve with our selection of the hottest ones to be aware of.

Canapés go creative

Once the domain of ladies of a certain age, the ones with flamboyant head pieces and silk shawls, canapés have reinvented themselves as a go-to option for receptions in 2019.

Gone are the 70s based inspirations, wobbly cocktail sticks and messy finger food morsels we know of the past. For the year ahead, couples will be looking for more substantial, but still bite-sized and easy to eat, options that really hit the spot. Inspiration is being sought from a wealth of exotic cuisines, with fusion flavours, and modern twists on traditional classics ruling this trend. Chefs should aim for a mini mouthful of delight with each option, the more complex and varied the flavours, the better.

Inclusive and communal

Formalities have had their day. The latest inclination is towards a more toned-down approach with a relaxed and casual atmosphere being key. Banish the traditional, three-course menu with standard roast dinner options, and explore the realms of shared feasting instead.

Growing numbers of couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings, and with less guests, there is then the desire to create a higher sense of community between the groups attending. Maximise the time family and friends can spend together by incorporating communal meals with oversized serving dishes acting as table arrangements, U-shaped dining layouts, and street food style self-serve stations so the mingling can continue at ease.

Allergen awareness

Concerns over the safety and reliability of allergen information are at an all time high. Wedding guests represent a potentially large group of individuals, all with bespoke dietary needs and requirements.

Reassure the marrying couple as well as their conscious guests by having clear and detailed information provided upfront where everyone can access it during the RSVP process. In addition, researching more dish options that have reduced allergens or ones that can be customised can be an ideal route to ensuring everyone enjoys their meal.

Bubble and fizz

Couples are splashing out and sipping on. The standard prosecco welcome drink is being upgraded with elegant cocktails that woo invited guests as they enter the reception. With or without alcohol, mixologists are paving the way with fruity concoctions that can then be tailored by the guest to their own choice of spirit. Everyone is then also able to enjoy the same taste experience, regardless of their preferences, making the day even more inclusive.

You are unique

More than ever, the persistence of social media and publicly portrayed weddings has led to an increase in the lengths couples will go to in order to make their nuptials truly outstanding and unique to their personalities. Choosing their favourite foods, ingredients that represent their origins or special places along their relationship journey, or surprising guests through non-traditional cakes made from elaborate patisseries or fruit sculptures, are all evolving to create memorable moments for couples.


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